Big and Bold

by Lori Amey

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always a little shaken but never quite stirred usually on the rocks, a little extra kick preferred just a little taste and they fall to the floor always leave them breathless and begging for more CHORUS: there is no pressure here be a little more than perfect nevermind your fear be a little more than perfect just a pretty package, though it's empty inside forget about the seeking when there's nothing left to hide they will not be gentle no matter what they say they will not collect you when your world's in disarray CHORUS this beauty has no face just takes the form of what it's told this beauty has no place fits perfectly into it's mold step in line, join the ranks of alteration the easy to define in a cookie-cutter nation CHORUS
finding myself somewhere in between the gentle persuasion of some dramatic scene am i at fault? Did i somehow miss the queue? what happened to the stories that i once knew? CHORUS: what would they say if they knew that I'm a mess? my consistency just walked out the door these words are fragments of my consciousness leaving me longing for more setting the stage to fit what's in my head the landscape of my memory, the lines that i have read as part of me waits for the next curtain call the other part just wishes the curtain would fall CHORUS
there is no explanation there is no one equation so don't even ask why love will leave and if i could i'd conjure up some remedy to fill your cup and somehow make your wounded heart believe CHORUS: and you grab a hold and spin the wheel and where it stops is how you feel you'd risk it all for something big and bold somewhere in this crazy maze the twists and turns of endless days there's always just enough love left to hold there's always just enough love left to hold deep within the heart there lies a chemistry with someone's eyes a spark that's undefined from you to me the kind of passion in a dream or of the opposite extreme and when it's gone it's just a mystery CHORUS your lips are tainted with despair as part of me still lingers there you say there's nothing left in your reserve but your heart will, like a fine wine grow deeper, richer still with time and flavored with the hope that you deserve CHORUS
here i go again trying to pretend i'm well as bits of me lay scattered on the floor i will collect them all only to fall apart again and i'll swear this time i'll be stronger than before CHORUS: So it goes that no one really knows why nothing ever stays the same we hold on to all we have, and when it's gone we learn that no one is to blame i could not forget you even though you want me to you're in the air, and i breathe you every day there's a part of you that shines in everything i do and i will hold it high to light my way CHORUS why people come and go we'll never understand and so we must try to hold what is in our hands there are things we cannot change so instead we rearrange ourselves to change only what we can CHORUS
snow is falling all around me colored lights are on every tree but all that's within me is gray yeah, christmas is nearing so why am i fearing? i am loved, I am blessed but still i'm a mess don't look i'm tearing CHORUS: i wanna go home i wanna go home to a place i can call my own try so hard to replace that familiar space then you walk in and i see your face and i know i am home it's bittersweet like the cold air that i breathe it feels clean and renewed but it's all skewed as soon as it hits me that the holiday's changed now every year more revealing and in the words of this song as i sing along, i am still healing CHORUS snow is falling and i am happy i can live gratefully in the season of you and me and i can laugh gratefully in the season of you and me and i can love gratefully in the season of you and me
i have to wonder do they see this fire burning deep in me every time you penetrate my mind this devilish laugh and cheshire grin each hair that dances on my skin are all an indication of these thoughts of the worst kind CHORUS: oh, i'd be on my knees begging for you oh, how i love a good tease like the way you do try as you may to appease everything is still not enough of you come closer, babe, and then you'll know that something fierce is brewing below these images that flood my mind that i long to make real i'm lost for words, my mouth is numb one whisper of my name and i will come to your arms where it all begins and i can show you what i feel and i can show you what i feel CHORUS
suffice it say if i had my way your words would turn you upside down but that's not to say the very next day i'd not wish you love all around i guess in my way i've learned to just sway and hold my heart above my fear i don't break, i bend so fair-weathered friend no matter the storm i'll be here CHORUS: here's to the heartache here's one for your sake drink it down before you break is that all you can take? is that all you can take? surprisingly, it all goes down easily i guess you could say we'll both rue the day when awkwardly we do collide i guess we'll both sit down and spew some bullshit then do our best next time to hide but don't get me wrong you are in this song so i do think of you now and then but that's all it takes is to admit one's mistakes and hope not to make them again CHORUS
you hold on so tight with all of your might to the only thing in life that gives you the sense you're not alone but the harder you try the more you rely on the little lies and false pretenses of someone's life you do not own CHORUS: and you will hold on through tomorrow and you will wake to find nothing's changed but how many more tomorrow's must we be so estranged you say that you've tried and i know that you've tried to set this part of me you fear aside 'cause it's easier to hide you say that you're through with breaking in two and live your life by "what would jesus do" but i don't believe he'd live like you CHORUS you hold on so tight with all of your might to all the pain in your own life then blame mine and say it isn't right but try as you may to wish this away and end will come to all these games you play and then you'll wish for yesterday CHORUS
barefoot and pregnant just like the old west where silence is a virtue, lay all your sins to rest if estrangement or deviance is creeping on your face you'd best be ordinary or deemed as a disgrace CHORUS: just forget those thoughts you had they're better left unsaid better leave those dirty dreams somewhere inside your head somewhere inside your head a country united together in our pews bearing our crosses and spreading the good news no more U.N. relations they're stealing from our plate we'll just deny all immigration that'll "make our country great" CHORUS love and marriage are ours to legislate two of the same sex cannot be true love 'cause they cannot procreate and as for the women seeking fairness who think they have a voice we'll preserve rule over their bodies as we take away their choice CHORUS
as i stand at the helm of something i can't quite steer keep repeating this question why am i here? why did this come along now in my life? i could run along blindly fall on my own knife CHORUS: is this it and the only real truth that i've known this cold-soaking desire that's chilled me to the bone that's left me unraveled with my heart in my hand a soul swelling of a conception unplanned i'm immersed in this feeling absorbing it all as the water keeps changing i rise and i fall drowning myself to death looking into your eyes slowly catching my breath as we say our goodbyes CHORUS if i could i would tell you the secrets i keep and maybe i should, maybe i should for the thrill, don't you know that i'd dive in so deep and maybe i will, maybe i will maybe one day i will CHORUS
looking at you is much like looking in a magic mirror deluding me with all the mystery within we're getting nowhere throwing fire and measuring who's nearer we've lost the point somewhere among which one of us will win CHORUS: anything could happen just a long as one of us is the hero anything could happen if we start over at zero to zero and i will gladly take the bow and live as this is now maybe we'll finally agree to disagree together or take a pill to destroy long-term memory if i could bury this away and let it rest forever i'm sure the phantom, self-respect, would end up haunting me CHORUS looking at you is much like looking in a funhouse mirror distorting limitations, shadowing what's real long live the sage whose muddled prophesy is seen as clearer i will not turn away nor live to see this heart congeal CHORUS


Big and Bold represents a broad landscape both sonically and lyrically. The title, based on track 3, really encompasses the overall theme of risking everything in the search for truth.


released January 19, 2018

all lyrics/music written by Lori Amey
recorded/mixed/mastered by Corban Roberts at Tessitura Studios, Denver CO
co-produced by Lori Amey and Corban Roberts
art concept by Lori Amey, artwork by Pete Robinson
graphic production and audio replication by Atomic Disc, Salem OR
Copyright 2018. Teppu Publishing. Leema Records. BMI Affiliate


all rights reserved



Lori Amey Denver, Colorado

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